RE: The return of the revenge of qualia, part VI.

From: Norm Wilson (
Date: Mon Jul 25 2005 - 12:50:39 MDT

Ben Goertzel wrote:

> I tend to think that if one builds a software program
> with the right cognitive structures and dynamics
> attached to it, the qualia will come along "for free".

That may well be the case, however:

1. What level of modeling is necessary and sufficient to build a program with the "right cognitive structures and dynamics"?

Of course, models are incomplete by definition, only capturing the relevant aspects of that which is being modeled. What are the relevant physical aspects of conscious awareness? Is it sufficient to model the brain at the level of neurons, atoms, quantum mechanics (e.g., Penrose-Hammeroff), or sub-quantum features of reality?

2. How can we (or an AI) know, let alone prove, that a sufficient model for consciousness has been created? Can we define a "Turing Test" for qualia?

Norm Wilson

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