RE: hostile slightly enhanced humans

From: pdugan (
Date: Sat Jul 23 2005 - 00:00:03 MDT

Eliezer said:

  The brain is very
>easy to disturb. It has a balance, it grows up with a balance, and it has an
>even harder time repairing that balance after puberty. Humans are not
>designed for radical modification. Everything in the brain is adapted to
>in the context of everything else in the brain working the way it does now.

  This is a very on point suggestion about the nature of human consciousness,
especially after the nuerochemical rollercoster ride of puberty. I would argue
that a human mind doesn't find true stability after puberty until they
experience what better poets than I have called "love". Love is of course a
subjective sensation brought on by oxytocin release, but when that chemical
function is combined with good interaction between the two parties, then the
instability of a radically altered mind module in context with the integrated
holistic function is brought to a more "objective" notion of stability by
constrast with the instabilities of the beloved mind. In other words, I like
girls because my shit seems inconsequential to their shit, the testosterone
based sexuality of it not withstanding. I consider myself weakly transhuman in
that I have awareness of my own memeome, thus being privvy to my own
relatively retarded self-improvement, so from this experience (my life) I
would conclude that the Friendliness of a strongly transhuman mind would
benifit from the love of a good transwoman. The better a network of
connections we have, the more likely our strongly transhuman augmentee will
find his weakly transhuman bride, or at least satisfyingly complex
intellectual discourse, such as this list. So even this threat, being one
millionth of the severity of a badly programmed SI, is still marginalized
under improved interaction. I'd bet if a strong transhuman did post on this
list we'd laugh him off for being anthropomorphic, but thats another thread!


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