hostile slightly enhanced humans

From: Michael Vassar (
Date: Fri Jul 22 2005 - 04:50:59 MDT

For what it's worth, our single data point seems to indicate that there is
at least a reasonably good chance that a slightly augmented human in
Venezuela, or at least in Brian and Sabine Atkins house (?) would turn
Friendly after initially pursuing UnFriendly goals. I'm not sure how we
should take that, but it seems to me that we are stuck depending on slightly
augmented humans because UFAI is enough easier than FAI that there is no
chance of an ordinary human being able to put together FAI before a world
full of other ordinary humans gets to UFAI. For that reason, my position
remains favorable to unknown augmented humans, at least if they can be
communicated with. This conclusion is not my dispositional tendency, as I
was very (and remain somewhat) concerned by that first example before he
came around, but unless we want to freeze technological progression via MNT
what choice have we got?

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