Another Geddes Conjecture

From: pdugan (
Date: Fri Jul 22 2005 - 18:52:37 MDT

>Theorem: The two sets of meta-properties (Efficiency
>and Predictive power) and (Goals promoting expansion
>of complexity in goal system and goals promoting
>reduction in goal clashes with other agents) are
>correlated IF AND ONLY IF it is possible to fully
>convert the descriptions of computational functions
>into descriptions of cognitive agents and visa versa.

  Damn, now we're getting somewhere. Maybe.

  I read this as suggesting the correlation between low-level logic
(functions) and high-level volition (agents) is real only if Friendliness
(reduced volitional clashing) is dependant on prediction and intelligence
(extrapolating complexity) is dependant on efficiency.

  He earlier suggested a deeper, perhaps quantum computative nessecity for
Friendliness which goes beyond deterministic prediction, he called it
projection. I'd say this theorem is obvious to most people on the list, but
that Geddes himself doesn't believe it. How very devious.


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