RE: Global Brain as Steward

From: pdugan (
Date: Fri Jul 22 2005 - 18:32:59 MDT

>I have thought for some time it would be a good idea to have multi-
>human/proto-AGI(s) in close collaboration - a sort of human/AGI complex -
>as an early stage in AGI development. That way humans and AGIs can
>evolve/grow up together - increasing the chances of mutal understanding
>and respect.
>(A risk of this, if it is not handled well, is that the human/AGI compexes
>could become dangerously competitive. This risk needs to be managed
>down to being unlikely)
>Cheers, Philip

 The competitive nature you allude to, as seen in capitalism and the
marginalization of people fallen behind the curve, is all dependant on an
economics of scarcity (intellectual credit for this sentance goes to Charlie
Stross). In a hyper-internet environment the primary commodity is information,
with bandwidth being the secondary commodity. Information is exempt for the
Adam Smith conjectures underlying modern capitalism, because it can be copied
instantaneously and freely. Bandwidth stands to fall to scarcity value, but
this isn't likely at the scale of the earth's surface. I would argue lists
like SL4 and the transhuman movement in general is a precursor to the Global
Brain, where risks are marginalized by interaction between minds. Of course
"Global Brain" is something of a misnomer, since its really about lots of
small brains communicating without limit to information abundance or spatial
separation; its the discourse, not an actual brain, which is given heightened
intelligence by the interaction between disparate minds. Goertzel and
Yudkowsky, for instance, are not competitors any more than were Maturana and
Varela; that is to say the competition resembles a wisdom tournament more than
anything and does not marginalize one or the other.

  Patrick Dugan

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