RE: Predictions versus Projections

From: Marc Geddes (
Date: Sat Jul 16 2005 - 00:02:03 MDT

--- Phillip Huggan <> wrote:

> Granting the rest of your scheme, for the moment.
> What makes you so sure that AGI will be a sentient
> being, and not just another class of inanimate
> object, which seems to be the composition of
> everything else not conscious, in your ontology. If
> AGI can be made to be sentient, it seems to make
> friendliness a whole lot easier to instill. But
> apart from a "Blue-Brain XVII" creation, I don't
> think the world's 1st AGI will be a conscious actor
> in any sense.
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Real general intelligence appears to require the
ability to map between different knowledge domains
(i.e to integrate different kinds of knowledge). But
this integrative process is likely not computationally
tractable without the use of 'cognitive short-cuts'
such as the formation of analogies and metaphors to
aid the mapping procedures. But the formation of
analogies and metaphors is likely the cause of qualia
(conscious awareness). If these plausible sounding
conjectures are correct, then you can't have general
intelligence without sentience because there will be
no computationally tractable way to map between
different knowledge domains unless you have a
mechanism to generate analogies and metaphors - but
this mechanism will cause conscious experience.

--- H C <> wrote:

> " real intelligence is about
> *projections*"
> That's complete crap.
> You have to remember that "volitional agents" or
> whatever, are actually
> composed of "inanimate objects/processes".
> Why would "real intelligence" be about guessing
> (projection) instead of
> experimentally confirmed truths (predictions)?
> Although you did stumble upon a very useful
> distinction.
> -- Th3Hegem0n

Read what I actually write before replying like that

Projections by my definition are just as
scientifically precise as prediction. I defined
*Projections* to the cross-domain integration
(combination) of two different kinds of predictions:

*Predictions about inanimate processes
*Predictions about volitional agency

Whilst a description of volition in terms of inanimate
processes could be give, clearly the volitional
description is on a much higher level of organization
than the description in terms of inanimate processes.
So *projection* has to integrate (combine)
*predictions* across levels of organization.

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