Re: Fighting UFAI

From: William Chapin (
Date: Thu Jul 14 2005 - 08:35:26 MDT

How is this for a piece of universal objective
morality: "The weak thrive at the whim of the strong".

The unspoken implication I see in the argument for
Objective Morality is that 'evil' has an inherent
weakness. I submit that I think it does' 'evil' is
ultimately self destructive; however, this does not
really provide an advantage to the neighbors of an
evil actor. for an individual with limited resources,
the damage they can inflict on their surroundings is
limited, but we have seen in history (we have only
that as a baseline) with more resources, and the
ability to influence others the evil actor(s) can
inflict more harm to their surroundings before the
self destructive tendencies catch up with
him/her/them. Scaled up, this means taking out the
local solar system, star cluster, or local group. In
any case, still not a good thing for the agents
[converted to paperclips, computronium, etc.].

If there IS some kind of Objective Morality, which
from my perspective I doubt, I do not accept that it
provides any kind of fail-safe against UFAI.

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