Re: Humans are not equal.

From: Joel Peter William Pitt (
Date: Mon Jun 06 2005 - 22:21:42 MDT

In hindsight this list probably wasn't the best place to post to when
I was so emotionally charged. I've slept on it and the person is the
actual victim of the crime has convinced me to let it go.

The worst thing about it however is that these people, formally
refered to as assholes, will never be brought to justice for a variety
of reasons. So they may even perpertrate the same crime on other

So this got me thinking once we are able to read minds and an FAI can
upload us while also examining our memories, what should happen when
crimes that have never been revealed or had justice done come to light
(I'm talking about major offenses like murder, rape, assault)?

Should individuals memories be off limits for examination by FAI or
any information found just ignored?


On 6/6/05, Russell Wallace <> wrote:
> On 6/6/05, p3 <> wrote:
> > Oblivion is too monumental a punishment.
> Well, there are several different questions being rolled into one
> here, only some of which are on topic for SL4; let me separate a few
> of them out:
> Abstract moral philosophy. We could debate that until oblivion comes
> for us and neither would move the other's opinion so much as a
> nanometer, so I will refrain.
> Singularity strategy. That would actually be on topic, but as far as
> I'm concerned the Singularity has far bigger issues to worry about
> (not that we have agreement on those either!) so I will let that pass
> too.
> Justice. Now, here I will comment: If a man murders a member of your
> family, and you decide to forgive him, that represents, to steal a
> phrase from Terry Pratchett, the flipside of the coin of which good
> and evil are on the same side; no further comment.
> If, however, it is someone else's family and you deny the family of
> the victim their right to justice - if you advocate preserving the
> murderer's life regardless of their wishes, take his side against
> theirs - then you fall into the same category as the murderer; your
> philosophy and your actions are evil, plain and simple.
> - Russell

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