RE: Humans are not equal.

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Thu Jun 09 2005 - 23:50:14 MDT

Joel asks

> So this got me thinking once we are able to read minds and an FAI can
> upload us while also examining our memories, what should happen when
> crimes that have never been revealed or had justice done come to light
> (I'm talking about major offenses like murder, rape, assault)?

I'll bet that a ruling, compassionate super-intelligence will
add circuitry to the perp that allows her to experience extreme
remorse for her actions. In that way she can be rehabilitated.

> Should individuals memories be off limits for examination by FAI or
> any information found just ignored?

I have to admit that for the previous question, I was thinking of
the "Stalin Problem", namely what to do with Mr. Stalin if Fyodorov's
vision comes true. In that scenario, of course the FAI will have
access to all information too, and moreover, will be the agency
directly responsible for the resurrection.

But your last question is a very good one, and I don't have an
answer for it.

Lee Corbin

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