Re: Humans are not equal.

From: Russell Wallace (
Date: Mon Jun 06 2005 - 16:34:55 MDT

On 6/6/05, p3 <> wrote:
> Oblivion is too monumental a punishment.

Well, there are several different questions being rolled into one
here, only some of which are on topic for SL4; let me separate a few
of them out:

Abstract moral philosophy. We could debate that until oblivion comes
for us and neither would move the other's opinion so much as a
nanometer, so I will refrain.

Singularity strategy. That would actually be on topic, but as far as
I'm concerned the Singularity has far bigger issues to worry about
(not that we have agreement on those either!) so I will let that pass

Justice. Now, here I will comment: If a man murders a member of your
family, and you decide to forgive him, that represents, to steal a
phrase from Terry Pratchett, the flipside of the coin of which good
and evil are on the same side; no further comment.

If, however, it is someone else's family and you deny the family of
the victim their right to justice - if you advocate preserving the
murderer's life regardless of their wishes, take his side against
theirs - then you fall into the same category as the murderer; your
philosophy and your actions are evil, plain and simple.

- Russell

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