Re: Ethics

From: maru (
Date: Mon Feb 07 2005 - 17:04:11 MST

David Clark wrote:

>I can only hope that the *lower and middle-class people* look after just
>Maru's money and life and not mine. There is something worse than what we
>now have and it can be found in the above paragraph. Maru must believe that
>evolution works best if you propagate the next generation from the worst,
>rather than the best, current candidates.
That's right: I hope that 'lower and middle-class people', who have to
live in this country, and who are not planning on defrauding me and
absconding off to Switzerland, where of course they will be immune to
prosecution because they can buy the best lawyers money can buy, will
make the decisions that affect folk just like them and me.
Imagine! Governance by my peers! Yes, truly it will be horrible- we all
know ordinary people will make precisely the opposite decision which
will be best for them. We can only hope that our best and brightest,
them who brought you Vietnam and the CIA, will stop this dastardly idea
in its tracks. Even better, they can censor our media, make sure
ordinary people don't get any dangerous ideas, cause they know best
right? After all, capitalism is all about survival of the fittest, and
by definition the rich are the ones best suited to make our decisions
for us, right? Right! It's the average middle-class slob, who has no
idea of the sacred right to pass humoungous fortunes to heirs, and
pollute freely, to engage in the noble sport of tax evasion (the sport
of kings! Well, CEOs anyway.) and enjoy all the finest things in life,
who you have to watch out for. Very dangerous.

And how exactly does wealthy elites, gaming the system for their benefit
'propagate the next generation.. from the best candidates'?
I'm dying to hear.
No wait, that's just soldiers and elderly people who are vulnerable to
pollution. Pardon my figure of speech.

Incidentally, most of that was sarcasm. Just so you know.

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