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Date: Mon Feb 07 2005 - 14:05:08 MST

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> Would our current problems with democracy be better
> solved by narrowing the IQ gap, or by boosting all
> IQ equally?

Do you think that most people either have the mental capacity or the will to
increase their IQ? I don't think so. The only other alternative is to make
smarter people less so. Are you volunteering for this position? Society
will not stop the increase in intelligence that is occuring in some people
whether you or I can agree or not. I am very doubtful about the average
intelligence being raised for most people no matter what anyone does.

I guess my answer is that I see no way other than the gap between the higher
IQ's and the lower IQ's widening. We see that now to some extent and the
gap and associated problems will only continue to grow.

-- David Clark

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