Re: Ethics, IQ

From: Phil Goetz (
Date: Mon Feb 07 2005 - 10:45:37 MST

--- David Clark <> wrote:

> Isn't this the case already? Doesn't our population
> *already* have a
> standard deviation of IQ of 50 points or more?

IQ is defined to have a standard deviation of 10.
Tests are jiggered to keep the standard deviation
at 10, so of course you CAN'T, by definition, have
a standard deviation of IQ of 50. What I meant was,
a population which, if scored the same way as us
blah blah blah.

> Democracy is already a *joke*. I totally agree that
> our current democracy
> is and will become more unstable. I also agree with
> the need for a new
> power structure. I know you are saying that these
> things will happen *if*
> there is a large difference in intelligence but I
> would say that that is the
> case already.

Would our current problems with democracy be better
solved by narrowing the IQ gap, or by boosting all
IQ equally?

- Phil

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