Re: Ethics, IQ

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2005 - 03:26:42 MST

> Do you think that most people either have the mental capacity or the will to
> increase their IQ? I don't think so. The only other alternative is to make
> smarter people less so. Are you volunteering for this position? Society
> will not stop the increase in intelligence that is occuring in some people
> whether you or I can agree or not. I am very doubtful about the average
> intelligence being raised for most people no matter what anyone does.

Do you think most people have the mental capacity to boost their
mental capacity? No but that does not mean their mental capacity
cannot be boosted given the discovery of effective means. Do people
have the will to increase their will?

Are you asking if people currently limited with little recourse need
stay limited if means are found to choose to be less so? As most
people want a better life I dare hope that most would want such
improvments once they are shown to be available and effective.

Equality as some free floating good is monstrously evil. But the
increase in intelligence that appears theoretically possible is so
large that all of us unaugmented homo saps are equally backward in
comparison. This conversation attests to that. So we can rejoice in
our equality after all.


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