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Date: Sun Dec 12 2004 - 14:34:05 MST

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Not true. The many-worlds interpretation states that the waveform collapses
upon observation and, at that point, splits into a different world for each
possible observation. If many-worlds were true, it should not be possible
to observe simultaneously wave and particle behavior since by the time you
observe particle behavior, the waveform has collapsed. Recently, I read an
article (which, unfortunately, I can't track down at the moment) where
someone claimed to have devised and performed an experiment (single-photon,
I believe) where he was able to simultaneously see wave and particle
behavior. If true, this would clearly disprove the many-worlds
interpretation without, to my knowledge, calling anything else in quantum
physics into question.

<if anyone else who saw the article could provide a pointer, I'd appreciate

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