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On Dec 12, 2004, at 11:43 AM, Mark Waser ((home)) wrote:

>> I have a degree in physics, and I can tell you that there is no
>> *observable* difference between many-worlds and any other
>> interpretation. As far as I know, the only thing that we can observe a
>> difference between is local hidden variable theories and quantum
>> mechanics. Google: "Bell's inequality"
> Not true. The many-worlds interpretation states that the waveform
> collapses upon observation and, at that point, splits into a different
> world for each possible observation. If many-worlds were true, it
> should not be possible to observe simultaneously wave and particle
> behavior since by the time you observe particle behavior, the waveform
> has collapsed. Recently, I read an article (which, unfortunately, I
> can't track down at the moment) where someone claimed to have devised
> and performed an experiment (single-photon, I believe) where he was
> able to simultaneously see wave and particle behavior. If true, this
> would clearly disprove the many-worlds interpretation without, to my
> knowledge, calling anything else in quantum physics into question.
> <if anyone else who saw the article could provide a pointer, I'd
> appreciate it>

You appear to be speaking of the Afshar experiment.
The experiment blog is here, and I'm sure Google Scholar
can provide you with more information:

The MW proponents do not believe that this experiment
shows what Afshar believes it shows. The consensus seems
to be that once you've made an observation of the wave,
there is no reason to believe that the particle has
traversed the intervening distance in a straight line.
Removing the assumption that the photon's wave can be
observed without disturbing the path taken removes the
result that Afshar appears to be crediting the experiment

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