Re: More MWI implications: Altruism and the 'Quantum Insurance Policy'

From: Russell Wallace (
Date: Sun Dec 12 2004 - 09:50:02 MST

On Sun, 12 Dec 2004 18:24:01 +1300 (NZDT), Marc Geddes
<> wrote:
> Here's how to safeguard some of the alternative
> versions of yourself: simply base some of your
> decisions on quantum random events.

You're already doing that. Suppose we grant the brain is purely
classical (which it isn't), the weather still makes a difference to
your actions, at least insofar as it makes you cross a road 10 seconds
earlier or later (enough to determine whether you get run over by a
bus or not). The weather depends on microscopic events, in accordance
with chaos theory; if you project for a few months, it goes down to
the atomic level, so whether you get delayed by a storm is already
influenced by quantum mechanics.

- Russell

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