Re: Quantum Weirdness

From: Thomas Buckner (
Date: Sun Dec 12 2004 - 14:58:21 MST

--- Damien Broderick <>
> Eliezer said
> >Life is a mist of probability amplitudes.
> This is nonsense. "Mist", "probability" - what
> about REALITY?
> The actual nature of things?

What Eliezer said was that a 'mist of probability
amplitudes' IS the reality, at the lowest
operational level. What you seem to be saying is
that the real reality should have some everyday
meaning for us, i.e. that levels of
implementation closer to the everyday solidity of
coffee cups have more 'reality'.
But the 'real reality' is like the old film from
Sesame Street called "That's About The Size Of
It" and we zoom from grains of sand all the way
up to galaxies and back. All levels are real, and
which is useful for our purposes is a choice, not
a fact unto itself. The coffee cups result from
the probability amplitudes, not vice versa; but
every level is real.
Tom Buckner

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