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Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 20:07:48 MST

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> > It surprises me not to see cryonics mentioned on
> > this thread.
>the SL4 list was named for "Shock Level 4", referring
>to levels of future shock. Cryonics is no longer a
>high future shock level topic in an era when frozen
>embryos are commonly implanted and brought to term,
>and heart operations are performed on humans chilled
>to just above freezing.

It is still strange and uncomfortable enough that only a minority of those
who consider themselves "transhumans" have taken steps to have it apply to
themselves or their family.

>What surprises me about cryonics is that no one has
>proposed storage in Antarctica, or some other really
>cold location.

It just isn't cold enough. The numbers are here:

>Right now, if your LN2 supply is
>disrupted, you will lose the patients when it
>evaporates. Down there, at least the frozen will
>remain frozen, so you will have longer to recover.
>I personally view cryonics as the backup plan if
>medical advances don't come along fast enough for
>me. Since my father died when he was 19 years older
>than I am now, that's a distinct possibility.

I suspect from your lack of knowledge you have not taken steps to use
cryonics as a backup.

It is not something people manage to do very often "when they need
it." People who are terminal seldom have either the money or the
concentration to do it themselves.

Most people fund their suspension with life insurance, and if you are in a
bad way, you can't get it.

So if you are serious, then you need to at the very least have enough long
term life insurance to cover the cost.

Keith Henson

PS. I don't know how on topic this is

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