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Toward the end of a dozen wasted years studying Torah, I put the
following question to a trusted friend (who happens to be an 'orthodox'
rabbi): Could an artificial intelligence demonstrate the existence of
Hashem (G-d)? Answer: It will be the first thing it proves. Of course,
his answer was biased;-)

Machine Intelligence will be in a superior position to debunk organized
religion (or to point out philosophical and/or psychological 'truths'
beneath the dung heap of dogmas), and will be more likely to solve the
problem of time travel within the multiverse (it's not an issue of


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Ben Goertzel wrote:

> [...] Hopefully once we create superhuman AI's they will help us solve

> the problem of time-travel and then we'll each be only "as bounded as
> we wanna be", in our own (optionally-consensually-shared)

I do hope you've considered the possibility that, even if it appears
otherwise, we *are* as bounded as we want to be? All philosophical
skulduggery aside, hoping that superhuman AI will solve the problem of
time travel is like hoping, e.g., it will provide an existential proof
of G-d. In other words, don't get your hopes up.


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