Yehuda Yudkowsky, 1985-2004

From: Marc Geddes (
Date: Sat Nov 20 2004 - 00:05:52 MST

My condolences to you Eliezer, over your loss.

It was only quite recently that I desperately urged
you to 'hurry' in your work at Sing Inst. I was
starting to feel the first signs of aging. But now I
am again made aware of the horrendous loss of life
occuring daily in this pre-Singularity world.

I called pre-Singularity existence 'banal' and
'brutish'. We've recieved a sad reminer of the truth
of this.

Not only am I saddened by the loss of life occuring,
I'm absolutely furious. And the most maddening part
of it is the fundamental irrationality of most of the
human populace, who blindly rationalize againg and
pointless death.

In the recent book published by 'Immortality
Institute' I did my best to made the philosophical
case for indefinite life span: my piece was
'Introduction To Immortalist Morality'. We must all
do our bit to try to educate others about the
fundamental value of life, a value that is still not
properly understood by most people.

Bruce Klein (Imm Inst founder) also recently lost his
mother in an accident. There is a discussion on the
Imm Inst forums and it might be valuable for Eliezer
to go there.

The death of Yehuda clearly proves that the universe
just 'doesn't care'. It's up to sentients to create
the meaning of the world. We all hope for a
successful Singularity, and we can't imagine failure,
but it could easily be the case that we'll all we
wiped out unless we make big efforts - the universe
just doesn't care.

I recently expressed real concern that the 'window of
opportunatey' for a successful Singularity seems to be
closing. Time really is running out.We need to make
greater efforts than we have been so far, or else I
don't think we're going to pull through.

I can only urge all of you to do your bit to support
transhumanist projects - biological life extension
(short term) and FAI (longer term) must be the
priorities. Please donate to the relevant
organizations. Voss, Goertzel and Yudkowksy appear to
be the only serious FAI contenders at this juncture.
They need our support.


"Live Free or Die, Death is not the Worst of Evils."
                                                    - Gen. John Stark

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