RE: Yehuda Yudkowsky, 1985-2004

From: Bill Hibbard (
Date: Fri Nov 19 2004 - 13:56:57 MST

I am very sorry to hear about the death of your brother,
Eliezer. Your reaction to redouble your efforts is very
healthy. When my brother, father and mother died I also
found it helpful to get plenty of exercise and eliminate

My younger brother died of cancer in 1997. When he died
he looked like a holocaust victim and it occured to me
that if all the Americans dying of cancer were being
killed by an evil dictator, our society would be totally
mobilized against that enemy. Disease and death in general
deserve at least that commitment. Both collectively, to
support medical research and care, and individually, to
get lots of exercise and eliminate tobacco (my brother's
kidney cancer was probably caused by his smoking) and
unhealthy foods. My parents lived to 85 and 87, but their
diseases were clearly linked to diet, smoking and lack of
exercise. They could have lived longer and better with
different habits.

I am with you, Eliezer, that it is maddening that so many
people in our society cling to ancient religous beliefs
that council acceptance of death and disease, and in some
cases even council opposition to efforts to defeat death.
What madness.


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