RE: Yehuda Yudkowsky, 1985-2004

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri Nov 19 2004 - 11:54:18 MST

Wow, Eli ... I'm really sorry to hear that ...

As all of us on this list know, death is one hell of a moral outrage

And alas, it's not going to be solved this year, not here on Earth anyway.
Conceivably in 7-8 more years -- and probably before 30 more, IMO. Let's
hope we can all hang on that long...

I have no memory more painful than remembering when my eldest son almost
died in a car crash at age 4. Thanks to some expert Kiwi neurosurgery he
survived and is now almost 15. Had he not survived, I'm not really sure
what I'd be like today.

I know you'll draw from this terrible event yet more passion to continue
with our collective quest to move beyond the deeply flawed domain of the
human -- while preserving the beautiful parts of humanity & rendering the
other parts optional...

At the moment my head is full of a verse from a rock song I wrote a few
years back:

I've got to tell you something
Your lonely story made me cry
I wish we all could breathe forever
God damn the Universal Mind.

Well, crap....words truly don't suffice for this sort of thing...


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