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Date: Fri Nov 19 2004 - 11:36:36 MST

For David Massoglia:

    There's no general agreement on how soon after death irreversible brain damage occurs, but by 3 days we can be sure such degeneration has occurred. At present, the preferred time limit within which to initiate cryopreservation is 3-5 hours. This is why the cryonics organisations favour training local funeral directors in the initial techniques of cryonic perfusion prior to transporation and full-scale freezing at a cryonics plant. This minimises the delay involved in sending cryonics technicians from the plant or somewhere local, but too far away to deal with everything (bureaucracy etc.) within a reasonable time-span. Funeral directors normally have in situ specialists qualified in performing such things as cardiac bypass, blood washing etc. prior to embalming.

Check out , especially and (for a more technical discussion.

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