Re: My new sf saga featuring the Singularity and FAI concepts is nearing completion

From: Maru (
Date: Fri Sep 24 2004 - 20:00:12 MDT

I'm game to guess: But I know little of the craft of a satisfying plot, so I'll work on the basis of the meaningful names.
Alright, 'Mithras' is a name which obviously stems from the mystery cult Mithraism. Mithraism was fairly new at its time, but unforutunately got steamrollerd by the then nascent Christianity to the point where most of it is reconstructed from artifcats. Not a good prognosis for the 'good' SAI.
Whereas 'Taurus' is a strong-connoting old name, and most significantly is still used widely in contemporary society in astrology- The stars/ constellation of Taurus control your life should you be born under its sign! (Buy your personalized horoscope!)
So, Mithras = Loser
      Taurus= Winner.

Marc Geddes wrote:
My sc-fi saga is set around 30 years in the future and
tells the tale of the last 10-years before the
Singularity. SL4 er's might find my time-frames a bit
conservative, but bear in mind that in order to make a
good story I had to go with a 'slower take-off'
scenario. The final book culminates in a big
show-down between an Friendly SAI ('Mithras') and an
unfriendly SAI ('Taurus'). Can you guess who wins?

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