My new sf saga featuring the Singularity and FAI concepts is nearing completion

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Date: Fri Sep 24 2004 - 02:46:23 MDT

My sc-fi saga is set around 30 years in the future and
tells the tale of the last 10-years before the
Singularity. SL4 er's might find my time-frames a bit
conservative, but bear in mind that in order to make a
good story I had to go with a 'slower take-off'
scenario. The final book culminates in a big
show-down between an Friendly SAI ('Mithras') and an
unfriendly SAI ('Taurus'). Can you guess who wins?

I'll post my book-blurbs here:

Book Blurbs Copyright 2004, Marc Geddes


United States, 2036. Radical advances in
bio-technology, nano-technology and info-technology
are challenging human nature. In a world where smart
dolphins and genetically engineered humans exist
alongside intelligent machines, many people find the
new technologies profoundly disturbing. Mean while
globalization has lead to the decline of the nation
state, as trans-national organizations grow more
powerful than countries, and elements of many cultures
are becoming intermingled. It's a dangerous,
anarchistic time as the wildly differing visions of
many philosophies compete. Terrorism, espionage and
techno-conflicts are rife as all groups vie to achieve
their chosen vision for the world. The race is on for
the ultimate technological break-through to ensure
victory in an explosive clash of world-views which
will determine the fate of humanity.

Book 1. Working title: "Revolution Source Code"

United States, 2036. It's a period of explosive
scientific and technological advance. Genetic
engineers have created intelligent dolphins and
super-smart humans. Bio-tech has revolutionized
medicine with drugs and treatments which can alter
personality cure many diseases and radically extend
life human span. Artificial intelligence researchers
are developing genuinely conscious machines. But it's
also a time of great political and economic
instability. The world is threatening to unravel into
anarchy. 'Natural harmony' movements consisting of
religious conservatives and radical greens are opposed
to the technologies which threaten to change the very
fabric of human nature. The ‘World Federalists' want
a world government but Libertarians want everyone to
live free. Increasingly violent acts of terrorism and
civil war abroad point to a nefarious plot being
hatched within the U.S. Can the plot be uncovered in
time to prevent disaster?

Book 2. Working title: "Cyber-Labyrinthine"

Former United States, 2041. The Federal government
has collapsed in the wake of devastating terror
attacks from a radical sect of the 'Natural Harmony'
movement. The most important figures from the former
government have joined with the Californian 'World
Federalists' and they are now calling for the
restoration of the Union. But many states now wish to
purse an independent existence, drawing inspiration
from New Hampshire, the heart-land of Libertarian
power. Libertarians and Federalists are now engaged
in a dangerous 'techno arms race' as the aims of the
two movements increasingly diverge. A labyrinthine
game of intrigue and espionage occurs in cyberspace as
each group strives for dominance. The two sides race
to develop more powerful artificial intelligences.
Will it come to civil war?

Book 3. Working title: "Cyborg Jungle"

2043. A civil war between the New Hampshire
Libertarians and the Californian Federalists has
rocked the former United States. A truce negotiated
by artificial intelligences now maintains an uneasy
peace. But the conflict has gone global. Devastating
civil wars are ripping China apart and Federalists and
Libertarians from around the world intervene. The two
camps are engaged in an international battle of wits
to form grand alliances, pitting cybernetic and
genetically enhanced people against one another. The
chief strategists are the artificial intelligences
'Mithras' for the Libertarians and 'Taurus' for the
Federalists and the power of these two alien
intellects continues to grow thanks to the efforts of
the two opposing eccentric human geniuses who created
them. Which side will achieve the decisive advantage?

Book 4. Working title: "Battlefield Singularity"

2045. The World Federalist Alliance has declared
World Government and launched all-out war against the
World Libertarian Alliance. The hammer strikes
hardest in the former U.S state of New Hampshire as
the WFA seeks to finally crush the seat of Libertarian
power. The cataclysmic clash will decide the fate of
the world and the conflict takes place all the way
from the under-sea ocean colony to the international
moon-base, fought with nano-weapons of terrifying
power. But the final outcome will be decided by the
two non-human commander-in-chiefs: artificial
intelligences which have grown so powerful they are
rapidly approaching the super-human level. Will the
Friendly-A.I 'Mithras' defeat the now psychopathic
un-Friendly A.I 'Taurus' and usher in a new era of
unprecedented peace and prosperity or will a new age
of darkness cover the world?

"Live Free or Die, Death is not the Worst of Evils."
                                                    - Gen. John Stark

"The Universe...or nothing!"

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