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Date: Thu Sep 30 2004 - 03:53:04 MDT

 --- Maru <> wrote:
> I'm game to guess: But I know little of the craft of
> a satisfying plot, so I'll work on the basis of the
> meaningful names.
> Alright, 'Mithras' is a name which obviously stems
> from the mystery cult Mithraism. Mithraism was
> fairly new at its time, but unforutunately got
> steamrollerd by the then nascent Christianity to the
> point where most of it is reconstructed from
> artifcats. Not a good prognosis for the 'good' SAI.
> Whereas 'Taurus' is a strong-connoting old name, and
> most significantly is still used widely in
> contemporary society in astrology- The stars/
> constellation of Taurus control your life should you
> be born under its sign! (Buy your personalized
> horoscope!)
> So, Mithras = Loser
> Taurus= Winner.
> ~Maru

Hmm. Reasonable argument you've come up with.
Actually I chose names with ambiguous symbolism so
that arguments could be constructed either way. That
should keep readers guessing. There is also an
argument for a Mithras win. I have not written the
end of the story yet. It would be a bummer plot-wise
if I make the unFriendly A.I win, but on the other
hand it might serve as a good object lesson about the
dangers of unfriendly A.I.

My sci-fi saga might be a good way to stimulate
interest in Singularity/AGI. If ever I manage to get
it published and it's a best-seller I might be able to
denote 10% of royalties to Sing Inst.


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