Re: META: Dangers of Superintelligence

Date: Mon Aug 30 2004 - 01:57:29 MDT

| What literal-minded and obdurate idiocy *is* this? John
| Clark's response
| was itself an impersonation of an AI, not a declaration
| of his personal
| finances.

Umm, my comment was CLEARLY in response to the following:

"Okay, two people got this wrong. So to clarify: I'm no longer
accepting challenges for AI-Box experiments unless someone offers to
pay a serious sum of money." [And then he goes on to say that
otherwise, it's a waste of "clock ticks" or some such.]

What can I say - I call b*llsh*t.

| It takes a certain level of intelligence and astuteness
| to function on this
| list.

Now look who's being arrogant and rude. Not to mention hypocritical.

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