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From: fudley (
Date: Sat Aug 28 2004 - 10:18:44 MDT

>>A computer running a simple little program that will search though the
>> even numbers and stop at the first one that is not the sum of 2 primes
>> greater than two; Tell me the probability, even approximately, it will
>> eventually stop.

"J. Andrew Rogers" <>

>It will stop when there is insufficient memory to represent the numbers
>in question. Stopping and finding a correct answer (or any answer) are
>only loosely related.

OK, letís talk about a real world computer then, a computer with a very
large but finite amount of memory, letís call it X. What is the
probability, even approximately, that the machine will stop before it
reaches X, its memory limit? What is the shortcut algorithm to figure
this out other than running the original program and waiting to see what

If thatís too hard try this one, how can I calculate if this atom of
tritium I hold in my hand will decay in the next 12.3 years? I donít
demand an exact answer, just show me how to get a probability that is
even a little bit better than what Iíd get by flipping a coin.

John K Clark

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