From: Damien Broderick (thespike@satx.rr.com)
Date: Sat Aug 14 2004 - 16:21:23 MDT

At 02:36 PM 8/14/2004 -0700, Thomas Buckner <tcbevolver@yahoo.com> cited:

> "It was not Wolfram but Konrad Zuse who was
>the first to suggest that the physical universe
>is being computed on a discrete computer, such as
>a deterministic cellular automaton (CA). His
>first paper on this topic dates back to 1967:
>Konrad Zuse, Rechnender Raum, Elektronische
>Datenverarbeitung, vol. 8, pages 336-344, 1967.
> Note that this is the same Konrad Zuse who
>built world's first working general purpose
>computers 1935-1941.

It's very wonderful that this great man's name was Zuse, although the jest
is spoiled a little by the realization that it's pronounced TSOO-suh rather
than Zeus...

Zuse and Tegmark (and the Good Machine) feature in my forthcoming novel GOD
PLAYERS, due next year from Thunder's Mouth Press in the USA.

Damien Broderick

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