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> The UTM theory is about the equivalence of
> computational devices.
> What is wrong in the above is taking the
> authority of Turing for your
> own notion of reality being entirely
> computational. Since, to the best
> of my knowledge, Turing never said such a
> thing, this is inappropriate
> and a rather imho a rather shabby argumentative
> ploy. It is worst
> than an argument from authority.
> - samantha

Turing didn't suggest it, and more recently,
Wolfram did not originate it, as this reviewer

     "It was not Wolfram but Konrad Zuse who was
the first to suggest that the physical universe
is being computed on a discrete computer, such as
a deterministic cellular automaton (CA). His
first paper on this topic dates back to 1967:
Konrad Zuse, Rechnender Raum, Elektronische
Datenverarbeitung, vol. 8, pages 336-344, 1967.
     Note that this is the same Konrad Zuse who
built world's first working general purpose
computers 1935-1941.
     Zuse's book on CA-based universes came out 2
years later: Rechnender Raum, Schriften zur
Datenverarbeitung, Band 1, Friedrich Vieweg &
Sohn, Braunschweig 1969.
     English translation: Calculating Space, MIT
Technical Translation AZT-70-164-GEMIT, MIT
(Proj. MAC), Cambridge, Mass. 02139, Feb. 1970.

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