Re: The fundamental principles of reality: Can most people actually handle the truth?

From: Thomas Buckner (
Date: Sat Aug 14 2004 - 15:27:33 MDT

--- Marc Geddes <> wrote:

> I've gotten some extremely harsh and disturbing
> comments back from various (non-transhumanist)
> people
> since posting that philosophical platform on my
> web-site.
> I'm mystified as to why I should get such a
> reaction.
> Is there really anything in the piece I wrote
> which
> even remotely suggests 'fascism'?
Not from what I know of your writing. Your ideas
closely track mine. 'Fascist' just happens to be
one of the heavier semantic sticks you can beat
someone with even if their views/actions have no
relation to Mussolini's 'corporate state' or any
of its ideological descendants. On the other
hand, one is often not believed when one uses
this word seriously (when I use this word
referring to the people presently running the
United States, I have to make a special point of
saying that I have read up on fascism in
encyclopedia articles and books and that I am
referring to real historical and ideological
influences and parallels).
> I have to wonder whether most people can
> actually
> handle the truth.
No, most cannot. Brainwashing is REAL, and
widespread. Most do not realize this.
>Will human irrationality
> prevent a
> successful Singularity from ever occuring?
> Will the
> 'mob' one day storm the offices of Sing Inst?
> I'm
> sorry to say that I now think that that is a
> very
> definite possibility :-(
> Eli and co need to be careful. Very careful.
> I've
> tried to point this out repeatibly. The
> 'truth' is a
> very dangerous thing to actually state too much
> of.
> I'm increasingly beginning to realize that most
> humans
> are NOT rational beings. They run mainly on
> emotion.
> It's kinda been a depressing realization for
> me.
Me too. I have read in a new Kurt Vonnegut essay,
"Albert Einstein and Mark Twain gave up on the
human race at the end of their lives, even though
Twain hadnít even seen World War I."
> So what I would say to you guys at Sing Inst as
> advise
> for the future: Be careful. Be tactful. Be
> 'economical with the truth' if you have it.
> Don't let
> nativity about human nature ruin your chances
> of
> pulling off a successful Singularity.
You must mean 'naivete'. I don't use
spell-checkers much because they're context-dumb.
I have had the same thought.
Where we stand now, as I see it:
clique has taken over the United States and other
nations. Soon it will have surveillance
capability, etc. to crush any resistance. 1984
forever, or until we're extinct (50% chance by
2100 AD according to Sir Martin Rees). Chances
are good that only a SAI can head off this
dictatorship, and save our asses, if that's what
it wants. The mob will arrive 5 min. after the
fascists (or other demagogues) figure this out.
I've written about a tenth of a novel about a
sandboxed FAI taking on the repressive State for
all the marbles. Wonder if I should delete it?
What you think?
Tom Buckner

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