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Very interesting, Damien. I knew that Edward Fredkin's ideas of CA and
computational physics predated Wolfram (see Fredkin's Digital Philosophy
website ) but I
hadn't heard of Zuse before. Another, related website worth checking out is
"The Notebook of Philosophy & Physics: We have seen the quantum, and it is
an equation" ( ).

Congratulations on your forthcoming book. I look forward to reading it.


Michael LaTorra

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> > "It was not Wolfram but Konrad Zuse who was
> >the first to suggest that the physical universe
> >is being computed on a discrete computer, such as
> >a deterministic cellular automaton (CA). His
> >first paper on this topic dates back to 1967:
> >Konrad Zuse, Rechnender Raum, Elektronische
> >Datenverarbeitung, vol. 8, pages 336-344, 1967.
> >PDF.
> > Note that this is the same Konrad Zuse who
> >built world's first working general purpose
> >computers 1935-1941.
> It's very wonderful that this great man's name was Zuse, although
> the jest
> is spoiled a little by the realization that it's pronounced
> TSOO-suh rather
> than Zeus...
> Zuse and Tegmark (and the Good Machine) feature in my forthcoming
> novel GOD
> PLAYERS, due next year from Thunder's Mouth Press in the USA.
> Damien Broderick

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