RE: The AIbox.

Date: Tue Jul 06 2004 - 08:44:02 MDT

> There are two different questions here. The boring one is:
> will a superhuman AI ever create concepts that require so
> many interlocking and essential pieces of knowledge that the
> brain will not have enough short term memory etc. to keep up,
> and will never get even a pale idea for what the 'thing'
> is? I think the answer is probably yes.
Of course - even humans can suffer this at the moment. Try explaining how
the i925x chipset works (or something like that) to a non computer literate
50 year old - the situation where the brain cannot keep up comes around
pretty quickly.
Unless the person has reached the stage of understanding in a natural,
progressive way at their own pace it is easy to confuse them.
As the AI will be running millions of times faster than a human it will
probably asses that trying to explain things that it understands to humans
is a pointless exercise, and will go about finding other ways to do progress
more effecently than explaining them to humans (ie explaining to other AIs
or computers) IMO


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