Re: ESSAY: 'Debunking Hippy-Dippy moral philosophy'

From: fudley (
Date: Mon Jun 14 2004 - 00:55:38 MDT

Marc Geddes wrote:

> Consider this question: Whose morality was better:
> Mahatma Gandhi's or Adolph Hitler's?

I prefer Gandhi’s.

> If you believe that morality is just personal opinion

Huh, JUST personal opinion? Nothing in the universe is as important as
my opinion. Absolutely nothing.

>what you are saying is that they are objectively both equivalent.

And what you are saying is that objective is equivalent to important and
subjective is equivalent to trivial; it seems to me that readers of this
list with all the talk about uploading should understand the exact
opposite is true. What does it even mean to say good and evil have an
objective existence, do you expect CERN to find a good particle and a
evil particle in one of their detectors?

John K Clark

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