Re: ESSAY: 'Debunking Hippy-Dippy moral philosophy'

From: Keith Henson (
Date: Mon Jun 14 2004 - 06:56:53 MDT

At 06:55 AM 14/06/04 +0000, you wrote:

>Marc Geddes wrote:
> > Consider this question: Whose morality was better:
> > Mahatma Gandhi's or Adolph Hitler's?
>I prefer Gandhi's.

I agree. WW II resulted in about 60 million deaths. If you give credit to
Hitler for 1/3 of them that's 20 million.

Gandhi's efforts led independence/partition of India. That resulted in the
deaths of only a million or so. (Though I have seen much higher estimates.)

Point being that even the best intentions can result in an awful lot of
people dying.

> > If you believe that morality is just personal opinion
>Huh, JUST personal opinion? Nothing in the universe is as important as
>my opinion. Absolutely nothing.
> >what you are saying is that they are objectively both equivalent.
>And what you are saying is that objective is equivalent to important and
>subjective is equivalent to trivial; it seems to me that readers of this
>list with all the talk about uploading should understand the exact
>opposite is true. What does it even mean to say good and evil have an
>objective existence, do you expect CERN to find a good particle and a
>evil particle in one of their detectors?

I think there is a way good and evil can be measured, though perhaps not
from a human viewpoint.

Keith Henson

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