right of withdrawal

From: Brent Thomas (bthomas@avatar-intl.com)
Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 16:28:02 MDT

Having followed some of the recent volition discussions I thought it
might be interesting and appropriate to have codified (specified as a
supergoal?) into the
(yet to be developed) fai's interaction with sentients protocols a
'right of withdrawal'
Presumably by the point that this interaction becomes worth discussing
the (hopefully) fai has access to technologies (probably self developed)
which allow it to control and manipulate the human environmental space.
Any sentient capable of expressing the desire to be 'left alone' should
be provided with sufficient personal space and supportive environmental
conditions to 'live out their lives' as they wish without the oversight,
modification or interference by the fai. This could be a separate 'no
interference zone or enclave' or perhaps a mobile field/area around the
sentient. It (presumably) goes without saying (although I will say it)
that although the 'withdrawn' sentient is ensured that it will not be
affected by the FAI (within its enclave) it should nevertheless be
prevented from adversely affecting those within the 'consilience' of the
fai (i.e. those joined to the fai and the collective volition).
Additionally the sentient at any time should be able to 'emerge' from
the withdrawn state as should any descendants of the sentient.
I haven't really seen this view directly published (although it follows
logically and is somewhat akin to the 'last judge' sentiment - however
directed on an individual ongoing basis instead of at the fai process
level) although it might be assumed to follow directly from the concept
of volition.

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