Re: Volitional Morality and Action Judgement

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Date: Fri Jun 04 2004 - 06:21:05 MDT

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Subject: Re: Volitional Morality and Action Judgement

> Yes, Eliezer was operating without the benefit of implementation or anyone
> who knew about implementation when he originally wrote LOGI etc. Yes,
> serious redesign and a pile of extra mechanisms are needed to make that
> stuff work. But guess what, I /am/ addicted to implementation and /my/
> bottomless pit of arrogance doesn't come from doing theoretical work.

If you extend and implement new version of LOGI so that it passes
successfully through UTC then you deserve the right to be as arrogant as you
want for the rest of eternity. This assumes, of course, you don't screw up
FAI later, because if you do, then you'll deserve nothing but endless pain.

> I'm afraid the sad truth of the matter is that reality appears to be
> on our side. :)

Let's hope it stays that way even beyond Singularity. Good luck.

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