Re: Unity of thinking & the optimum physical size of thinking unit

From: Philip Sutton (
Date: Wed Mar 10 2004 - 07:01:01 MST


> I really don't see how parts of your brain could be too many cycles
> delayed and have any unity of thinking. Thus there is some size that
> computational "stuff" would organize into because stuff further from
> the center would not usefully contribute to thinking.

Wouldn't the relationship between unity of thinking and the physical
size of effective computational structures be a function of the required
speed of thinking? That is, if ultra high speed is required then the
physical size contraint could be quite tight.

On the other, if speed of thinking was *not* critical but the capacity to
undertake vast or hugely complex thinking was critical then wouldn't it
be ok to have slower speeds of thinking but a huge size for the
computational unit? (So long as synchronisation of parts of the 'brain'
and continuity of resource allocation could be assured.)

> I think this factor may underlie a universal ethics and morality.
> (Value of matter declining with distance.)

Sounds interesting, can you elaborate on this?

Cheers, Philip

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