1st SIAI Volunteer Meeting, 3/7 (Sun) @ 7PM EST, IRC on sl4.org (#siaiv)

From: Tyler Emerson (trans_humanism@msn.com)
Date: Thu Mar 04 2004 - 13:30:06 MST

Starting this month, I'll be hosting a montly volunteer meeting. The
meeting will be the first Sunday of every month at 7 PM EST. The IRC
server will be sl4.org, port 6667; chat room #siaiv.

The first meeting is March 7th, or Sunday.

We'll have short introductions for new comers, discuss priorities and
the steps toward them, and help individuals decide what to pursue.

To participate through Java applet, see http://sl4.org/chat/. (Use
#siaiv rather than #sl4 for the "Room to Enter" field.)

Tyler Emerson                                http://www.intelligence.org/
Executive Director, Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

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