SL4 Chat

The SL4 chat room#sl4 on the server , port 6667—is a place for people interested in SL4 topics to hang out. As a general rule, the chat room is a lot less formal than the mailing list. Friendly chat is not only permitted, but encouraged. Unlike the SL4 mailing list, the #sl4 room is sometimes newbie-friendly. (Sometimes.) However, we make no guarantee that the helpful person answering your questions is an experienced SL4 poster, as opposed to someone who wandered in from a different chatroom and thinks the Singularity is a kind of fish.

The chat is always open and a dozen or more people are always there (usually more). If the channel is empty, you've probably arrived immediately after a network error cleared.


Scheduled Chats

The following is a list of upcoming, scheduled SL4 chats. All dates and times are valid for Atlanta, Georgia (aka Singularity Standard Time); go here to see the current time. Note that Atlanta observes daylight savings time, so depending on the date the time is either GMT-0400 or GMT-0500.


Accelerating Change 2004 Wrap-up

Wed, 10 2004 9:00 PM SST

For more information about scheduled chats, see the wiki.


You may see a message that says "Checking Ident" that persists for around a minute before the chat connection goes through.  This is normal for that machine's IRC server.  (It isn't looking up your credit history or anything.)

Note that runs on the same machine as the Extropy Institute and several other organizations, whose chat rooms will also appear if you connect to "" as your IRC server. Similarly, the #sl4 chat room will appear if you connect to "" as your IRC server. These other organizations and their chat rooms are not affiliated with or #sl4. (Although there is considerable overlap between the people who hang out in, for example, #sl4, #extropy, and #immortal.)

You can connect to #sl4 using any IRC client (see a partial list of IRC clients by environment). The following applet should also let you connect to #sl4 directly if you are using a Java-enabled browser: