catastrophes with Shock Level < 4

From: Mitchell Porter (
Date: Tue Feb 24 2004 - 06:55:24 MST

Emil killed the climate change thread, but I want to respond
to Brett Swanson's question:

>If this new paradigm for viewing global warming is to be taken seriously,
>and I would emphatically argue that it is, how might it affect the
>singularity and transhumanism?

Let's start with some obvious things.

1) Any worldwide catastrophe has the power to prevent
the Singularity, delay the Singularity, or increase the odds
of an unfriendly Singularity.

2) The tasks involved in preventing or surviving such
catastrophes (if they don't arise from Singularity-enabling
technologies), or minimizing their impact on the pre-Singularity
world, do not directly engage with the problems and dangers
peculiar to the Singularity.

It's probably also true that

3) If you choose to devote enough time and energy to
really make a difference to major SL<4 issues, you will
not make a difference to SL4 issues, and vice versa.

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