RE: Encouraging a Positive Transcension

From: Keith Henson (
Date: Wed Feb 11 2004 - 23:28:24 MST

At 11:30 PM 11/02/04 -0500, Ben wrote:

>1) I have little faith in any of our current physics theories...

Could you elaborate a bit here? Or point me to a FAQ? I have no idea what
the ground rules are for this discussion. I happen to be agnostic on this
subject. However, the order of AI you get with and without FTL
communications is very different. (One vs many)

>2) even if the universe is finite, I'm pretty sure it's big enough to hold
>intelligences incomprehensibly more powerful than our own.... from my point
>of view, a very very very big finite number is basically as good as
>infinity. My article said nothing about infinity, only about a transcension
>into a fundamentally different order of being...

You should be able to get several orders of magnitude out of the same mass
as a human brain if the mass was engineered rather than being evolved.

Keith Henson

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