Subject: Ideonomy

From: Aikin, Robert (
Date: Thu Jan 29 2004 - 09:36:53 MST

...passing along something interesting from the web.

Subject: Ideonomy

"And now for something completely different:"

Could be considered a little cracked, but to somebody like me who's
been involved in the organizational details of corporate
brain-storming sessions it is actually quite interesting. (Mind you
"brain-storming" is an archaic reference now, having yielded to
many newer labels.) Patrick Gunkel in Austin TX, but independent of
its university, is "inventing a new field, which he calls ideonomy.
Simply described, it is a computerized spinning of ideas. But Mr.
Gunkel defines it in grander terms--as nothing less than 'the
science of the laws of ideas and of the application of such laws to
the generation of all possible ideas in connection with any
subject, idea or thing.'"

This could even include "appropriate technologies."



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