Re: META: It's (not) About Free Speech

From: Philip Sutton (
Date: Thu Jan 29 2004 - 05:22:34 MST

Hi Eliezer,

> I deem this subject off-topic for the SL4 mailing list. Please do not
> post this or similar messages again.

I can understand your feeling on this. I agree that a *general*
discussion of free speech would be off-topic. But I think there's a
special segment of the free speech issue that is directly relevant to
artificial general intelligence and the singularity.

We want/need artificial general intelligence to be Friendly/friendly.
Most/much of the R&D on AGI and singularity-related technologies is
being carried out in the US of A. If free speech is suppressed in the
USA then this will materially contribute to the emergence of a society
where the probability of Friendly/friendly AGI/singularity inducing
technologies being produced must fall dramatically.

I think this aspect of the free speech issue deserves at least a fair bit of
focused discussion! :)

Cheers, Philip

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