Re: META: It's (not) About Free Speech

From: J. Andrew Rogers (
Date: Thu Jan 29 2004 - 11:31:34 MST

Philip wrote:
> We want/need artificial general intelligence to be Friendly/friendly.
> Most/much of the R&D on AGI and singularity-related technologies is
> being carried out in the US of A. If free speech is suppressed in the
> USA then this will materially contribute to the emergence of a society
> where the probability of Friendly/friendly AGI/singularity inducing
> technologies being produced must fall dramatically.

There is no looming practical limitation on speech that will have any
real impact on any of these areas. It is an excuse to make something
political that isn't. Europe has far greater restrictions on speech
than the US, yet I fail to see how that has "materially contributed" to
*anything* supporting or suppressing things related to AGI. For
virtually all purposes related to AGI, restrictions on speech that
governments typically implement are transparent.

VERY few political matters have any genuinely significant ramifications
for AGI, and the few that I can think of are either so bizarre or
improbable that it is not worth wasting any time on. There is little
value in bundling in other pet issues into the topic of AGI,
particularly when it largely revolves around "what if"s of dubious
importance or probability.

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