Re: Dispersing AIs throughout the universe

From: Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Date: Thu Jan 08 2004 - 17:26:44 MST

Ben Goertzel wrote:
> -- a seed AI, triggered to awaken in N years and start evolving toward
> friendly superintelligence
> -- a simulated world for the seed AI to play in
> -- a universe of virtual humans embodied in the simulated world
> Statistically, some percentage of these AI's will become friendly

And statistically, some number of times I put my hand on my desk, my hand
will tunnel through the potential energy barrier. That there is a
statistical chance of something doesn't mean you can afford enough
instances to raise the total probability to something significantly
different from zero - not without the exercise of the same skills that
would be required to make a single instance work.

Let's send out enough monkeys, maybe one of them will type Shakespeare.

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