Re: c * (positive qualia -negative qualia) + (1-c)* (total complexity of pattern)

From: Metaqualia (
Date: Thu Jan 08 2004 - 06:55:00 MST

> OK, I'm not really an animist, I just like the word ;-)


> I'm a "panpsychist", to use the correct term...

I am kind of heading in that direction too, kind of incredulously looking
for some evidence that will discredit this!

> From the perspective of another quale, which embodies the experience of
> comparing prior qualia to each other?

Animals do not have the experience of comparing any qualia-set to their
own... am I missing your point?

> I don't think so... I am a panpsychist but I still believe that some
> entities have more mind than others. And some will have more mind than
> humans, before too long from now...

Agree on more mind, just I am not sure more mind=more feeling. Or the
relationship could be correct but not because of a direct relationship
rather a common cause.

> ok, then our perspectives are closer than I thought ;)

yep. so are we gonna adopt this objective morality theory?


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