SL4 Chat: Wednesday, 3 September, 9 PM ET

From: Gordon Worley (
Date: Mon Sep 01 2003 - 18:39:00 MDT

SL4's monthly chat for September will be Wednesday, 3 September, at 9
PM Eastern Time.

This month's suggested starter topic:

Ethical Issues in Advanced Artificial Intelligence

We will be discussing Nick Bostrom's latest paper. It's a
Singularitarian or at least Singularity-aware survey of AI ethics.
We'll also be discussing the potential effects of Bostrom and other
`academics' recognizing the need to discuss these issues in more
traditional forums.

To participate through a standard IRC client, connect to "" on a
standard IRC port (for example, 6667) and join channel #sl4:

To participate through Java applet, point your browser at:

To clear up any confusion about timezones, go to
to see the current time in Atlanta, GA.

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