Re: JOIN:Generally thinking;

From: Simon Gordon (
Date: Mon Sep 01 2003 - 11:03:25 MDT

Hi Alexander,

> We have very beautiful term - an artificial
> intellect.

It is beautiful...but who is "We"? I know that Douglas
Bard, a friend on the SAG, uses a shortened version of
this on his site , but normally we just
use the AI acronym.

> ( Knowledge of impossible - really divine knowledge)

I believe this is an interesting definition of "divine
knowledge". If God has knowledge of the impossible
then he could create a mathematical system which *is*
consistent AND complete, bypassing Godel's theorems that would be a "divine mathematical
system" you could say. So i guess God doesnt care too
much about paradoxes and contradictions, its only us
stupid humans that do :o)

Simon G.

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